30 April 2010

Friday - Prelude to #8

Even with an extra day I'm pushing hard to get all of my final preparations crossed off the list. Today was a short day...only 12 hours!  I gently preheated the first chamber (to 120 degrees F.) while I started to clean up the site. My studio is complete chaos and there's still the grass to cut, a little remedial work to be done to the firebox door and some laundry to deal with. I've got a great crew of helpers including the Littlefield twins! and baked goods from Anna. Who knows, maybe Paul will bake some of his famous scones Sunday morning?!
4 months of making thousands of dollars worth of pots, and all of it subjected to the whims of the 24 hour fire. Wood firing isn't for sissies! Best of luck to all the others who might be firing this week-end (Michael included) it's supposed to be a hot one...the weather AND the kiln.
    The photo is a piece of a mural painted by my friend Bill Harris on my former shop on Hanover Street. It is a bit faded and peeling which just seems to add to it's cool factor. Perhaps a wee prize might be found in this firing for the first to identify all the potters?!


Monique said...

How many pots are going to be fired?
Can't wait the see the results, I'll be sending some 'good-firing-energy' your way, Good luck!!
I have identified 3 potters, the obvious ones.... hehe.
Have to study to find out who the others are to have a chance on that price. :-)


Monique said...

I've got 4 now!

Anna M. Branner said...

I'm embarrassed to say I never even noticed that the mural IS of potters! Oh well. Im off to enjoy my fiber side at MD Sheep and Wool. Good luck with the firing, here's to number 8! Enjoy the cookies. :)

doug Fitch said...

What an amazing mural - I think I have them all

cookingwithgas said...

oh now- now we have to think when we are here!?
I have a no thinking allowed until I finish reading the blogs.
I'll have to come back but I see Hamada right off- Cardew and Leach.
Tis a great mural!

Ron said...

Have a great firing Dan. It's been fun keeping up with many of the pots you have been making, now soon to see them finished. I see Leach, Hamada, Cardew, Button, Finch, and Dan Finnegan. Very cool mural!

Hollis Engley said...

Ray Finch, Michael Cardew, Isaac Button, D. Finnegan, S.Hamada, B.Leach. Of course.
Good to see the mural's still on the building,and I agree that the peeling paint adds to it.

Craig Edwards said...

yes.. great mural.. aged to perfection! It would be interesting to see a picture of it when it was new. Oh, Good Fires!!

Incognito said...

A wave of sweet nostalgia comes over me whenever I see that mural; I can remember stopping by your shop for YEARS for those special gifts for friends and family and your always stopping what you were doing to help pick the perfect piece. This mural was the best one that Bill has done; no other compares, in my opinion. Thanks for the memories this morning.