26 April 2010

Spreading the Word

We had a full house at Mountain View High School this morning where I did a demo for almost 50 students under the direction of their awesome art teacher, Rachel Siegler. The kids were great and I really enjoyed my visit. If I weren't pressed for time to get loading my kiln I would have enjoyed hanging out longer. I used to do more of this sort of thing. It's important to let young people know that there are many ways to make a life and a career. Thanks to Rose Taylor for inviting me and baking me a 3 berry pie!!! A couple of years ago her sister Rachel invite me to do the same for her class and she made me a pie then. What a great tradition! (the school has around 2,000 students...roller skates would be useful to get from one end to the other!)
I'm such a show-off...but then, you knew that.
The view out my studio window on a damp Monday...very green! At times the rain came down like 'stair rods' (one of those British expressions that I love)
I eventually got to the studio and put the first layer in the salt chamber before dark descended.. Each chamber has two 12"x 24" shelves and one 16"x24" shelf per layer. This one happens to have two of the last pots I made and two of the oldest pots laying around the studio. The bird head falls somewhere in the middle.
Tomorrow, a prize winner!


Dennis Allen said...

Our daughter teaches Art in Charlotte and has me come down and demo every year. It's great fun to see those amazed looks when a pot rises up from the wheelhead.

Linda Starr said...

Look at that big bird head cool.

Elizabeth said...

What a lucky group of Students!!! Creating art with kids of all ages is the best!! Seeing that creativity and making a living and following ones passion is indeed possible, is a very important lesson to share!!!