13 May 2011

It's a Green World

Our beautiful springtime weather continues, a perfect time to be turning one's mind to packing a kiln and the river of fire that is soon to come.  I added a few extra days to my loading schedule to account for bird decorating/glazing...just not nearly enough. I've been waxing, slipping, waxing, glazing and often waxing and glazing again! (What monster have I created?!) So I'm already planning on pushing everything back a day. I don't enjoy the pressure of frantic pottery making anymore. I take my time, getting everything just so, and try to savor the moments. It's made even better by setting up shop under my new shed roof, enjoying the breeze.

It's always hard to stop making pots...years ago it was true when I had a 4 week making cycle and it remains true today when I can take 3-4 months to fill the kiln. 

These were the last pots I was able to finish. I wish I could have made lots more of them.
A cup that you have to drain before putting it down?!...

I've been threatening to build a smaller gas-fired salt kiln for some time and Jason has been digging the footer before the ground turns to concrete as summer approaches.
     The bees are flourishing!
Some of the pots that are waiting to learn their fate. 
"Which chamber will he put me in" they ask. 
"Do you think he'll over reduce the top again?" 
"Am I to be sacrificed at the bagwall?"
All will be revealed in a little more than a week. 


Hannah said...

Glad you got the boy working though he looks still too clean and tidy to have been working too hard yet.
Pots look great, so do the bees. Just "in passing" mentioned having a bee hive down near my kiln shed to Hazel and she said oh well wonderful yes why on earth not! Must get to the library to borrow an appropriate book. Any recommendations?

cookingwithgas said...

Those pesky pots always talking and fretting even before the loading begins.
I am shooting for perfection how about you?

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Can't wait to see the results. I'm glad the weather, while a little damp, at least is a reasonable temp whilst you are finishing up for the firing. Cheers, Dan!

Love seeing the bees, btw!

ang design said...

another kiln why not I say!!!!! brilliant dan.. looking forward to seeing its construction and super that your chap is getting to learn kiln building too :)) happy spring...

Anna M. Branner said...

Love your take on the horn cup. I HATE THE PRESSURE to fire before a show (that was me Friday) And way cool about the building of the small salt kiln. Glad you are getting some good use out of Jason. ;)

Here's to one awesome firing!!

doug Fitch said...

I want to be there. Good to see Jason's getting stuck in. My older boy Luke has adopted the wonderful tankard you gave me, as his tea mug. I'm struggling to get back into potting and blogging, but both have to happen this week. It's lovely to see pictures of the place, wish I was there. Fancy a trip here in the summer?