02 May 2011

Hostess with the Most-ess

Regular readers here at DFSP know about my week long visit with the British Invaders. Since their departure it seems that some strange sort of levee has burst and visitors are pouring through!
The next future Finnegan potter?
    My great and oldest friend Henry (from high school days) and his daughter Corey came next for a day's visit and we had an excellent time catching up while touring the 'Burg. 
    A couple of days later my youngest brother Pat and his wonderful family arrived to spend spring break week touring the area. They did Fredericksburg and Williamsburg and Washington, DC and Baltimore...some days we spent together, others they were on their own. Easy guests to have and we had a great time. 
    In the middle of their visit Andrew Coombs arrived for a brief hello. Andrew was my assistant for several years and he's doing great things in Port Chester, NY. 
    I think everyone's gone now and I have just a couple of weeks to get pots made and load and fire. We're planning on a full moon firing!     

At the Washington Nationals baseball park.
Anything to make the kids crack up...notice Hunter in the background doing his "That Guy" thing
Kiera and I are big friends
Add your own caption for a prize!


Mr. Young said...

"I bet most of this ends up on my shirt and my face!"

doug Fitch said...

Wish we were there Dan :-)

gallagherpots said...

So much depends on a young girl, perched on a red stool, eating ice cream

Quietly Otaku said...

mmm theres nothing like eating an ice cream thats as big as your head!

Its always fun when people come to visit, you kinda see where you live in a new light - as if your a tourist again : )

Pat Finnegan said...

"If I eat this really fast, maybe Uncle Dan will buy me another one!"