16 May 2011

Getting Loaded

First Chamber
I normally enjoy the 3 dimensional puzzle that loading a kiln presents, but ol' # 10 is wearing me out. I have close to 50 birds of various sizes and shapes and they fit together a lot differently than my functional work. They are also a lot bigger so I'm ignoring some of my standard kiln packing strategies.
 It will also change how the kiln fires and I'm optimistic that it will be improved by being more open. There's a lot more 'airspace' around everything. These photos are from yesterday showing the two 12"x24"shelves in the back of each chamber.  I left Jason in town today and came close to finishing the front layer in both. Tomorrow we will put up the doors, do a little preheat and then gather our forces to set a fire alight on Wednesday night. I started making these pots in January...it's been a long road! 
Second Chamber
 The drive into the property has plenty of birds and wildlife to welcome me each day. 


Dennis Allen said...

You know we all love kiln photos.Have a great firing.

Pat Finnegan said...

Good luck. Can't wait for the "after" pics!

Unknown said...

I love seeing how people pack their kilns, especially as I continue to learn how to pack my "new" one. Thanks for sharing. And, I agree with Pat~

Anna M. Branner said...

Has the creek flooded yet? This rain is KILLER. Good luck with the firing, here's to a dry nite!

cookingwithgas said...

lock, load and fire!
It will feel good to have a firing done and even better when you see those birds fly off the shelves!

Hollis Engley said...

The birds need room to fly with the flame, don't they? A little extra space in the chamber can't be bad. Good luck with it, Daniel.