24 August 2011

20 Miles from the Epicenter!

Most people speak of the noise that came along with the earthquake...my first thought was that a big transport plane was passing overhead as it was a low deep rumble of noise. As I think back to the moment, I also realize that some of the noise was my house, creaking and groaning as it was being racked back and forth. Lots of chimneys came down or will come down around town. A couple of pots hit the ground at Libertytown, and it seemed like every painting was at an angle, but mostly we are unscathed and have an excellent story to tell.  There was a gas leak in my neighborhood with many homes evacuated for a while, but all is well on that front. I'm not worried about it, but I am looking forward to checking on my kiln this morning.
"Where were you when the earthquake hit?" is already a common greeting!


gz said...

When I lived in Nantlle near Caernarfon in North Wales we had a 6.something earthquake in 1985 or 6, and the epicentre was 15 miles away.
Three things I vividly remember.
The heavy and oppressive silence for 5 minutes before each tremor.
The fact that Dorothea slate quarry acted as a 600ft deep loudspeaker, so we heard before feeling the tremors, really wierd.
I had a large metal mixing bowl on a windowsill, and with some of the aftershocks too slight for us to feel, it would resonate, 'ting ting ting'
glad you're all ok

Linda Starr said...

I was in the big one in San Fernando in 1971 at 6 am in the morning and I was sleeping on a rollaway bed which started rolling around, that earthquake lasted a full minute and it felt like the earth was literally rolling back and forth and all around. I thought it was the end of the world, normally we would get under a table or an interior doorway during California earthquakes which supposedly were the safest place, but I just covered my face that day with a blanket, my life flashed before my eyes on that one, seven freeway overpasses fell and the veterans hospital was knocked off it's foundation a foot. Many folks were killed. Part of the fault line shifted and opened up three feet on the surface of the earth which is visible from satellite. I've never heard an earthquake but felt many of them having lived in California for more than 40 of my 60 some odd years. Glad you're ok and it wasn't any stronger.

Dennis Allen said...

I'm surprised that those birds of yours didn't crap all over their pedestals! Fingers crossed for the kiln.

Hannah said...

Blimey heck Dan. that one at Christmas here last year, that earth tickle that we had scared me when, hours after the event I realised what it was. At the time I thought it was a big tractor going past or a low fighter jet.
So glad you;re ok and LT isn't damaged.

MH said...

At first I too thought it was aircraft - a Chinook loaded heavy flying hot and low. But it just wasn't loud enough for that. Turned back to look into the room and my monitor was swaying back and forth like a bobble head doll. The USGS website had info within five minutes. Maybe sooner but it took me that long to get to the keyboard.

Pat Finnegan said...

And now...you have a hurricane coming right at you! Stay safe, call me when it passes.

Frank said...

I was sitting in my office in Stafford VA was in the middle of a teleconference with folks from Carlsbad CA and Aberdeen MD. Funny thing is just as things were calming down here the folks in Aberdeen MD stated yelling we don’t know what happening and need to evacuate the building. Figure 60 miles or so as the crow flies, appx 30 ~ 45 second delay, that puppy was hauling. When I arrived home one of my Dan pots had moved so close to the edge a fly sitting on the outside could have toppled it and my Dan bird was laying on his side, shattered the base on a hand blown glass piece. So overall I’m very fortunate….