10 August 2011

Green Grass, Pet Peeve and Urban Agriculture

 I couldn't resist trying to capture the 'green-ness' out at the studio. This is remarkable in August. In spite of some crazy heat and humidity, we have had sufficient rain to keep the grass from turning brown. It makes it a tiny bit more bearable to be spending the summer here. 

from my notebook of 'lists, etc.'
I carved some new stamps, small ones for small pots. I am always mystified that so many potters mark their work in ways that are difficult to read...or impossible to read...or they use some random symbol...or an illegible signature. I have used a tiny sprig for my own stamp for a long time, but I have changed it over the years and I've tried to keep track of those changes and when  they changed. I made a special stamp for the year 2000 and since then I have returned to lower case letters...I carved djf into the very first pot that I made. I was reading e.e. cummings back in those days! I have different sizes to go with the scale of the pots.
Urban Agriculture
I have this tiny side yard and for reasons unknown, corn sprouted in the midst of grass, heat pumps and lumber. I think that I remember my friend growing corn here more than a dozen years ago...could it be self sowing after all these years?!


gz said...

I think it could be self sown. Corn stays viable for thousands of years

cookingwithgas said...

I am with you on stamps and signing pots- Let me be able to find you.
This was a main reason that potters in our area also added where you could find them.
Whynot NC Seagrove NC Jugtown....they used these as a way to find them by a close post office- no dummies...

Brian said...

If there's a bird feeder nearby, a bluejay could have 'planted it' for you.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

All that green... looks so pretty.

Linda Starr said...

I'm guilty, I vow to improve.