28 August 2011

Next Up- A Plague of Locust?!

In between the earthquake and the hurricane we had a crazy thunderstorm in town with winds that reached 57mph as measured at UMC. We are becoming accustomed to the fine covering of leaf and branch that is everywhere. More trees and more chimneys were damaged, but, like the photo below, we are still standing and feeling fortunate. This is right around the corner and remains in this precarious state...it is hard to reach.
Irene never quite lived up to her headlines. It was more like an intermittent but fierce rain and wind storm that lasted 12 hours or so. Anti-climactic, really. We are to be rewarded now with a week of mild and cloudless days. Sounds boring.
My new bat for platters...a full 1" thick x 15"w. Hoping it won't warp?
Another Bird/Book piece
Theodore Roosevelt
This sweet old boy is Theo. He must be 15 years old or more, he's stone deaf and still as wiley as ever. He now resides at the 'Washington Avenue Home for Old Cats That Need Spoiling".


gz said...

Good to hear you're ok. Apparently Irene is busy with Nova Scotia at this moment. We'll probably be having some high winds when her tail end gets round to here in a week or so!

How come so many potters have grey cats?! I just love that colour

Hannah said...

Hey another moggy.
What a chimney! Heck glad that's not yours. Glad all is well over in Virginia.

Ron said...

Dan, Saw three of your bird jars in the Penland gallery on Saturday. Wow! They are so wonderful, nice to see them in real life finally.

Paul Jessop said...

I'm obviously getting older I love the new Batt!

kimba said...

THEO! A cat who plays fetch. What a handsome man he still is. Glad to see he's still hanging out being awesome.