03 July 2012

Well, How Did I Get Here...? *

I spent that autumn working for a rock n' roll producer friend of mine to earn some cash and the following January I bid a teary farewell to my friends and family and boarded Freddy Laker's cheap flight to Gatwick Airport.I don't remeber too much about the journey except that I shared an aisle and food with a couple of nuns and an American on the coach trip into London kept pronouncing the river Thames with a soft 'th' rather than 'Tems' as it should be. What I do remember is walking up the hill on a cold, dark and snowy evening to this incredible building where I was to live for the next 6 months, feeling rather like I was playing a part in a fairy tale!
The Guildhouse was a new building, but constructed from Cotswold stone that had been gathered from 7 ancient and decrepit buildings and built in the same architectural style as the rest of the area. Cotswold stone is a rich, warm yellow sandstone that, even during the gray winter weather seemed to glow from within. I was met by the two white-haired ladies of the house, Mary and Martha (how biblical!), and given dinner in front of the giant hearth situated in the great hall. It was an incredible introduction to a place that still seems to exist in an earlier time.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's next thrilling installment of 'As the Wheel Turns!'

Completely unrelated, here are a few photos of my visit to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago.
Edinburgh Castle

View from the castle with the Firth of Forth in the distance (or is that Forth of Firth?!)

An imposing setting for a castle!
* thanks and a tip o' the hat to David Byrne and the Talking Heads for today's title...
P.S. don't be alarmed by yesterday's lily white tea set...I took a photo of every tea that I was served on my journey! And yes, Hollis, my arch enemy parry and I are doing pitched battle daily!

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smartcat said...

Oh Yes! A continuing story! Keep on telling , please. I read a terrific summer in your posts. And yes, to David Byrne and Talking Heads!