17 October 2008

Salt Chamber : Loaded

I'm headed out this morning to finish bricking up the 'wickets' (that's the kiln doors, for those of you on the west side of the Atlantic. Then back home to rustle up some food and drink before lighting up at 9PM this evening. I have lots of new ideas in this kiln and I'll continue to be a little anxious until Tuesday's unloading.
Siting on the bagwall is a sculptural piece.


Unknown said...

looks fantastic

John Tilton said...

Hi Dan,

What is that kiln shelf doing that's opposite the bag wall?


Dan Finnegan said...

Thanks, Rachel!

John, the kiln shelf is a deflector to make the flame spread into the corners before exiting the flue, which is just below it.

doug Fitch said...

Good luck!! New pots in a few days - exciting