05 May 2009

A Book, a Technique, a Result

One of the many rewards of my time spent at Winchcombe is the aesthetic foundation that it gave me. Ray Finch distilled the ideas that Michael Cardew explored and ever since I worked with Ray I've been using those distilled ideas as my own. Building my wood burning kiln has inspired me to pay more attention to the pots that were the original source of their inspiration and this book has become a constant companion.

If you've been reading this blog you know that I'm besotted with making bottles and using sprig molds... the book is full of Bartmann or Bellermine pots and they are covered in shallow 'sprig' molds like the ones below.

I carved this rather primitive version, which, as I've said before, really has me amused lately. I could put it on just about everything I'm making these days if I wasn't such a sensible bloke.

And here are a few minis from the last firing. The tallest is about 5"high.


Ron said...

Hey Dan, Mind telling me about your clay body for salt? I like the way it glasses up. Looks like it must have some silica or fine silica sand in it. Thanks! Ron in NC

potterboy said...

I've been a bit obsessed with bottles too and I tried doing that sprig moulding thing a few years ago but couldn't get it to work. But those bottles are fabulous - the one with the moustache is inspired :) I'm with you - put it on everything!

doug Fitch said...

They are wonderful pots - I like the moustache one too. Looking forward to coming to see you and your pots at Toff's place

Anonymous said...

beautiful... love the crackly glaze on the second bottle

Hannah said...

Looks like a fab book. The bottles are beauties.Put the sprig all over the place I say.
Love the handles on the mugs, II can't get mine narrow enough at the top join, practise i know. those of yours there are beautiful