26 May 2009


Sunday was the last day I could spend on the wheel and I decided I'd finish up with one last batch of mugs and coin banks. I ran out of steam at 75 pots! I used to throw like this all the time. Simple pots made quickly...the Winchcombe way. I'll spend a couple of days putting on handles and glazing and then it's time to begin loading the kiln. I hope that I have enough pots
( I always have this worry).
There seems to be a pack mentality to this blogging world. Both Hannah and Doug have also made coin banks in the last week and I'm stealing a few of their ideas as I finish mine. And Michael is now threatening to make some. Anna Branner at LibertyTown had made some as well. It's got to be the economy!?

More nature photos:
I don't like snakes...my response is rather biblical. But this black snake was full of some rodent and I had to take a photo. It's close to 5' long.

And here's a little cheesecake for the ladies...Ryan Olsen has been helping me this spring...cutting wood, moving brick and generally tidying up the pottery site. This bird had crashed into a wall and he held it for a long time before it regrouped and flew off. A regular Dr. Doolittle!


Hollis Engley said...

Looks like it's going to be a good firing, Daniel. I'd fire the snake, too ...

Incognito said...

You have been busy. I am the same way about snakes; I find them fascinating, yet recoil at the sight of them. That ratsnake would have especially freaked me out with the "bulge" in the middle.

Hope to see you later today.

klineola said...

GREAT post, Dandy Dan!

Thanks for reminding me to get back to my wheel, as soon as I finish all of these postcards!, and make some banks!

GO, man, GO!