31 May 2009


I never get tired of folks who enjoy my work. Karen Johnson visited from California with a local friend and she swept into Libertytown Friday afternoon, full of enthusiasm and compliments. I'd never met her before, but she is a fine ceramic artist in her own right and somehow she has remembered my work from a couple of rare Ceramics Monthly appearances. She is the director of the Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California. She really made my day...who doesn't like to be told that they are wonderful?!
Thanks, Karen!

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Incognito said...

This is a great story. And Dan, never, ever forget how important you and Libertytown are to Fredericksburg. You were the first person who dared pull many different art media and their creators together under one roof. You are an art visionary and Libertytown is always going to be an integral part of our downtown art scene.

Friday night's event was terrific and I am so happy!