22 May 2009

A Week to Go

I only left myself two weeks to make pots for the wood chamber and the clock is ticking ever faster. I plan to fire then sort and ship and then it's off to merry ol' England for 7 weeks! (life is tough!). I've been revisiting some of my 'production potter' chops to make a lot of pots fast. These bowls will be boxed...that is stacked rim to rim and foot to foot.
Paul and Emily and Ellie return early next week so my retreat at the farm is coming to a close. All I've been doing is making pots, mowing grass and watching late night NBA playoffs. Oh, and drinking tea. I could get used to this simple life!

I made a few 12 pound vases...still beyond my comfort level to work this big, but I'm getting there.

Here are two pieces after I've just put them together. The next photo shows what I did with it.


Anonymous said...

i'm gonna get a bit of a retreat myself... hope i can get as much done as you

Hollis Engley said...

Eddie 'Opkins would be proud of that board of bowls.

Hollis Engley said...

Beg pardon. It's at least two boards-worth ... even though there are no actual boards there.