19 July 2009

Art in Action Scenes

One of the best art events I've ever visited is held near Oxford each summer. Called Art in Action it is a true art extravaganza with something like 150 artists and craftspeople exhibiting...and demonstrating as well as a hundreds of hands on classes, music, great food and a marketplace for more sales of fine art and craft. Each year also features a different country's work and this year it was Mexico. I just got back and the rain was a bit cruel but that doesn't really slow down the British and it's my favorite weather (instead of the steamy heat of Ol' Virginny). Lots of my friends were exhibiting and sales were excellent! Sue and Ashraf Hanna, Laurence and Jackie McGowan, Paul Jackson, Peter Hayes and Nic Collins (we've just met and he's a lovely guy). It was an inspiring day and makes me want to organize something like it back home.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OMG whatta elephant!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

ey up Mr F, will you be up to Potfest at all? If yes what day are you planning? If no well shame on you.

Anonymous said...

what a great event... love the kids on the lathes and there's some nice pots too