08 July 2009


Today starts the first of 5 Test Matches between England and Australia. Altogether they make up what is called "The Ashes" and it is the most highly anticipated contest in the Cricket world. It is a marathon test of endurance for both players and fans, lasting up to 5 days for each match and altogether 25 days of great sport.
I was first introduced to cricket by my old friend Eddie Hopkins at Winchcombe, where he would listen on the radio day after day in the summer while he made pots and kept up a running commentary. It took a long time to wrap my brain around this sport, but it has become one of my favorites as the years have gone by.
My further education came by way of George Webster, Georgie's dad, who was 'dead keen' on the game. He played for the city of Aberdeen when he was a lad. I often sat for hours with him in his last days while he explained the finer points of the game. I miss George and Eddie, now when I listen or watch I think of them.
It's true that the players stop for tea...and lunch...and it's easy for we Americans to poke fun at it, but I much prefer it to baseball (sorry Hollis). I won't bore you with why, but I'm tempted.
Sometimes I think that my role here is to preserve the old ways...tea drinking, real ale and cricket, just to name a few.
Last week, Hughie and I went to the warm-up match between Australia's team and the England Lions. My first chance to see professionals in the flesh. It was great. And very sunny.

Tonight it's off to the pub to meet blogger Matt. Sorry you can't join us, Hannah!

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Hannah said...

Me too, here with my pint of water being jealous of you guys. Hope you have fun.