07 March 2010

'Clam' Boxes

Ron's blog about one-piece boxes certainly stirred up a lot of interest a couple of weeks ago. I remember seeing a version of that idea in college (more than 30 years ago!) and not having the skill to pull it off at the time. These boxes here are made in two pieces, but they are my contribution to this idea of form. It comes by way of one I have by Ray Finch and a bunch I've seen by David Leach. I'm testing some porcelain from Matt and Dave and this is a pure and simple shape to show it off. And they make a perfect canvas for Susan's overglaze decoration. You should check out Matt and Dave's website...they are the first people I've heard of in the US that make clay using a filter press. I'm anxious to see what it's like.
Here's a small lidded pot that's combed within an inch of it's life. I seldom make a straight sided pot, but it makes for easy combing!
The temperature cleared 50 today and the lady bugs (that's lady birds for you British speakers) are already coming out.


Linda Starr said...

Great clam boxes and love the cup behind the two clam boxes with the sprig accent. How great to capture the ladybug on the pitcher.

gz said...

clam boxes- I like them!

I made some a couple of years ago- called 'em Oyster Boxes!! It's a nice shape to use and to decorate