15 March 2010

Symphony for Cider Jar in 4 Parts

I made a couple of bigger pots again today after finishing up all the slipping and glazing of porcelain. Ryan Olsen has been helping harvest some of the wood that came down in the heavy snows...I'm planning a firing in a year or more using all the pine and cedar branches that have come down. Everything is sodden and we spent a little time getting the Jeep and trailer unstuck from the mud.
I made a really tall one (over 30") but it got away from me and drifted off its axis. I had to put it out of its misery.
It's been a while since I've included a photo of Ellie...she loves her pink...and purple!
I made this planter in England last summer for my dear friend Jill Rushbrooke but never got to see it fired. It's a beauty if I do say so myself. It sits next to a sweet old Winchcombe redware pot. Thanks to Will Hall for the photo.

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doug Fitch said...

Howdy DF
Thre's been some wonderful stuff on this 'ere blog of yours lately. Do you fancy coming to make some slipware next time you're over here?