29 March 2010

March Mudness

Once again, the skies opened up last night. The endless rain keeps falling. I hate to complain, but between feet of snow and inches of rain, I'm weary of the mud. As the water poured over the road a blue heron stood in the middle fishing a very shallow patch. I've seen this happen for years and I imagine it to be the same bird. It is as close to cheating as nature comes.
On one side of the road were these two whirlpools...the suction sound was amazing!
On the other are these two outlets.  Coincidence???
 I've been waiting for a year for the perfect day to set fire to my burn pile. I was smart enough to cover it with a tarp and after all this rain it couldn't be a safer time to enjoy a little pyromania. My great redneck indulgence (and an homage to my father) is to pour a little gasoline on the pile to get it going. I love the  wh-o-o-o-m-p-h it gives off when it catches. You can feel it's percussive force!
 Big pots, big combing
3 lb. planters
Handle detail


Anna M. Branner said...

I wondered if all this rain left you marooned in the country....Enough is enough eh?!

Jerry said...

This was a blog post of scroll-down revelations. The whirlpools intrigued me and then all was clear. Then the handles on that one planter caught my eye and voila! you were kind enough to provide the detail shot. Most appreciated.

Hopefully this weekend of beautiful weather will help to dry you out down there. Should be some welcome sun & warmth. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

i guess you're only weary of a certain kind of mud. i think there's something primal about the pyromania. we can't do it because we're in the city but i've heard if you buy some hot dogs and set them nearby, you can claim you were cooking out and not get fined

Hollis Engley said...

Not so much mud here on the Cape, but a HELL OF A LOT OF RAIN. Still coming down as I write ...

cookingwithgas said...

I could do some sun.
We had some today- I will send it your way and when you are done share it with Hollis.
Great pots!