26 March 2010

Slightly Sprightly Spring Sprigs

A cool and rainy day...perfect for spending in the studio. 

This is the scene out my kitchen window.
Andrew asked about my sprigs, so here's a photo. All but one are carved into bone dry, very fine, white stoneware and are then biscuit fired. The little seed pod, bottom left, is an impression of something Emily brought to the studio one day. Applying these takes a little care, and paper clay would make it much easier.
Gratuitous wet slip (slightly blurred) photo.
Slipped and decorated and inscribed on the bottom. I can't wait to fire this one!
A ten pound vase. I am making this size in two pieces...capping as MK would say...I wish I could throw a 10 pound pot in one shot. Cardew thought nothing of throwing 25 - 40 pound jars!!!
A 12 pound storage jar...I'll slip and comb this one soon. I'm combing more than ever.
A scene from the drive home. And check out the fantastic Wally Bird that Hannah has posted from her visit to the V & A!


claydancer said...

I am loving the pots and sprigs! Do you find that the convex or concave sprigs lend themselves better to different applications? I am just starting to play with sprigs myself but I made mine with tiny little plaster press molds. They are a lot of fun and I love how glaze pools around them.

potterboy said...

You see that wasn't what I was expecting at all - like claydancer, I was expecting a press mould like I'd seen used at, say, wedgwood. Brilliant. I presume the clay disk for the medallion is applied before being stamped - hence the concaveness? (actually it would work either way, I think.) I might have to have a go when I get back from Nics.

That wet-slip photo is great. I can't wait to see it fired either - it's a fab interpretation.

Cardew, with his cunning - what a master he was. I think about 8 lbs is my limit. I shall persevere with the two part pots - it's a lot of fun.

Thanks again - a very inspirational post, as ever.

Hollis Engley said...

Love that shot out the kitchen window. The coffee-drinkers must be holding court at the sidewalk tables at Hyperion.

Incognito said...

THAT'S the tree in your back yard; wow! I may have to drive by and take a peek because I've only seen it when it was post-bloom and a little bit damaged. Beautiful! (As are the pots; looking forward to seeing those post-firing!)

gz said...

I met Michael Cardew in 1975- he used a kickwheel still, and threw his bigger pots in several parts- as he said, "There is no point in making life hard for myself and I also want to be potting for longer than if I did these in one"

Hannah said...

Mmmmmmm that wet slip, couldnt you just lick it!

Dan Finnegan said...

Lick it?! You saucy wench!

Hannah said...

Ahh the fun you could have with a bucket of slip...