29 April 2011

Public Notice...Artists' Yard Sale

Although completely unrelated, you must click on the photo below and read and enjoy!
 Riverby Books is a fantastic used bookstore here in the 'Burg and Paul Cymrot writes the best things I get to read. His 'whiteboard' comments are legendary.  
Tomorrow morning at least a dozen LibertyTown artists will be selling everything from art and art supplies to random household items.
I will have a big bunch of pots for sale covering most if not all of the leftovers from the past 9 firings.

For many years I fired my work in a gas reduction kiln and that kiln produced so few 'seconds' that I stopped selling them...I'd either give them away if they weren't too bad or chuck 'em out. I suppose that it is the snob in me that enjoyed being able to declaim my unwillingness to sell any pot that less than a 'first'. And it has always bugged me when folks would come to the shop and ask immediately for the 'seconds'. I know it's more of my snobbery, but I can't help myself.
That brings me to tomorrow...the wood kiln often produces pots more beautiful than I imagine, but there are some that just seem to lack that certain je ne sais quoi and others that have various flaws. I'm doing a clear-out just before firing #10 and eating a little crow because, the truth is, I do sell 'seconds'....once in while...and reluctantly. Maybe I'll wear sunglasses and go in disguise...

Aline has great plants for sale!


John Bauman said...

Love the notice.

Good luck with the sale. There are few things that depress me more than going through my seconds (as I do every year before my seconds sale)

Anna M. Branner said...

Wish I was there. (Greg just apologized AGAIN that I'm not at LibertyTown everyday....) But, my kiln is firing as we speak so there are definitely good things. :) Good luck tomorrow!

cookingwithgas said...

I need a job! Think they would hire me?
No Latin but I am pig headed and quick with the wit, at times.
I can bake too- see I have skills!
I hope your- certain "je ne sais quoi" sale goes well... or went well- what day is this?