28 May 2011

The Best Fundraiser!

 Last evening was the lottery drawing for our annual "Patron Show"fundraiser at Libertytown. 53 pieces were donated and 53 tickets were sold at the start of the month. With the help of all our staff and a couple of very young assistants we drew ticket stubs from a pot. That ticket holder then chose any piece in the show that was still available. So beth runs around marking the works that have been chosen and Aline is writing down the list and the proxies are ready, willing and able toIt makes for an exciting evening and with a room full of wonderful work everyone went home a winner! We serve homemade sangria to help folks keep their strength up and I do my best imitation of an emcee. It's always surprising and fascinating to see how different our tastes can be. 
Ellie in her finery (this photo is specially included for Hannah!)
Bea in the great print dress and Emily with Paul...Ellie's mom and dad
Where's Bill T? making a " V"
Leigh (in the center ) was last name picked...and she ended up with her  first choice! A perfect ending!


Anna M. Branner said...

Brothers. What can you do?

Hannah said...

Hey hey! Sounds like it was a good evening. It's such a fab idea. Give that wee lassie a cuddle from me next time you see her.

doug Fitch said...

Lovely :)

ang design said...

so great to see everyone again...Hiya all !!!!

Ron said...

Well done! Looks like a great time.