23 January 2009

A Good Week

It's been a quiet week as I've been staying on the farm looking after dogs, cats and horses while the Cymrots are away. Our freezing temperatures have remained and I've been chopping through ice to keep the horses in water. But the days are clear and this is my kind of weather. In case you aren't in the know, I grew up in Buffalo, N.Y. (average snowfall...96") and I still like to have a taste of winter. Sometimes we seem to skip it altogether here in Ol' Virginny.
The rest of the week has been full of potmaking...mugs and planters and finishing up a group of lidded 'ginger jars'. I started making these only recently at Emily's request. It seems my love of big fat jars is at odds with the counter space she is willing to devote to storage. I remembered this shape from Nick Mosse, an old Harrow student and friend of Toff's. Now I call them Emily pots.

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Hollis Engley said...

Isn't it good to see all those freshly thrown mugs sitting there? I always love that ...