27 January 2009

Snow Day

I've resisted showing photos of our big snow today...almost 2" which brings this part of the world to a complete halt. I wish I could have been making pots in the woods on such a rare day, but I'm building a wall in one of the studios at LibertyTown to create a little storage hideaway instead. In the meantime, until I get back to the studio, here are a few photos to tide us all over starting with one I appropriated from the web.
This is a great one of Ray Finch throwing a jug/pitcher with Eddie Hopkins in the background. This had to be taken around the time I was working at Winchcombe with these two icons of the English pottery world.

I finished slipping and glazing last weeks pots. I don't often put images on my pots, but I find that some of my favorite fellow bloggers do a lot. Anyway, these two are planters.

I was lining the insides of a bunch of mugs and got to thinking about where I got the original ideas for the different forms I make. The finished pots come from my cupboard.

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Hollis Engley said...

Hey, Daniel. We got your snow today here on the Cape. Flakes first thing this morning and now freezing rain. Every driveway is a skating rink.
Nice to see that image of Ray. A lovely photograph. Anything good that's happening around here these days is happening inside. Winter on Cape Cod ...