06 January 2009

A New Season/ A New Cycle

After a long season of building (outhouse and emporium) and the end of the holidays, I am getting underway with work for my 6th wood-firing. I'm aiming for an early March firing so I will have new work for the first of two workshops this year in Cape Cod.
This could be a big year for traveling; I am also planning a trip to England in June (and maybe a surprise visit for Toff's 60th birthday...he never reads my blog, so I think I'm safe here!). I used to get to England almost yearly. It's been too long. It's the LibertyTown factor.
I'm including some random photos from the holiday season. Today I'm happy to say I'll be taking pictures of wet pots!

We've had a lot of weather lately...

Ellie in a Christmas hat!

Paul's work in the woodshop

When you can't make pots...make cookies!

...or fires and gingerbread!

1 comment:

Hollis Engley said...

Hey, Dan. Glad to hear you're back to making pots. Me, too, plus some additional writing. The holidays are over. Time to get back to work.
See you soon.