19 January 2009

Weekend Update II

Living so near to DC, it is hard not to be caught up in Obama fever. I had dinner with Hollis and a bunch of friends who are all here for the festivities. As I am allergic to being surrounded by millions of people, I won't be there for the event, but it was good to be in the midst of all these hopeful friends. I must admit that my cynical self can't quite share their optimism. I'm not so sure our 'system' can be fixed...but I do hope.
I got to finish up a bunch of pots Saturday and this last one I dated to commemorate my 54th birthday, which was Saturday. Thanks, Mom!

We are preparing for our 10th Empty Bowls fundraiser and Sunday we invited our students, friends and fellow potters to join us at LibertyTown to make bowls. We provide the clay and firings, Kathy Harrigan (queen of Baked Goods) provided soup and other goodies. We have raised a stunning amount of money over the years and the community really rallies behind this idea. It has been a sellout year after year.

I'm including this photo of the young potter/blogger/birthday boy from college days at Arizona State. (circa 1976) Dig that crazy hairdo!?!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a great way to commemorate your birthday. I love the pot.

Incognito said...

I enjoyed being a part of the Bowl-a-Thon yesterday. After so long of not throwing, I was really worried, but I felt so centered and peaceful among my friends there. It was a great day! Many thanks to all those who brought food and to you, Dan, for providing the space and the clay.

Where would we be without you?

Happy belated birthday!

doug Fitch said...

Hey belated birthday greetings Dan, I hope you had a good one

Dan Finnegan said...

Thanks everybody.

Incognito said...


Dan: This is the link to my travel blog. I hope you enjoy it enough to consider submitting one of your own journey reminiscences. See you in the studio! ~ Ruth

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Happy B-Day! That "crazy" hair-do and beard looks a lot like the one my son is sporting now!

Hollis Engley said...

Hope springs eternal, Daniel. Even when it's 20 degrees on the Mall. And happy birthday. It was great to see you at the potters' dinner at Lorraine's. See you up here in a few weeks. And check your email, I sent a couple of photos of the bowl you were interested in.

Anonymous said...

happy late birthday and hope you ate good food and drank some beer!
had a lovely time with you while we were in town--next time we'll all hang out on OUR side of the ocean!