30 March 2010

Chinese Medicine

With the gentle prompting of Pam Gallant I had a session with Steve Chin, a highly regarded practitioner of Chinese medicine. He gave me an intense acupressure treatment, focusing on my abdomen and the scar tissue that remain from my surgery (if your new to my blog, check back in November's posts). It was a positive experience and I'll return next week for another session.
(the hands belong to Ellie Bird and me) 


klineola said...

what a great picture!

Anna M. Branner said...

Good for you!! So glad you went. Steve is really amazing. He helped me thru my kidney surgery and he has helped so many others! Plus he is just an all around great guy.

Incognito said...

Ditto Anna's remarks, except that Steve helped me through what he called "sticky ligaments." I was travelling and one day could not hold my luggage because of the pain in my lower and middle right arm. One session with him and the swelling was gone, the ligaments "unstuck," and I was functional again. (Thankfully, functional enough even to throw again.)

I've told several people about him and they are equally as happy as I am with him.