17 July 2008


Ever since I first visited England in 1978, I have enjoyed toast with jam and hot black tea (with milk, please) for breakfast every morning that I am able. (30 years x 365 days is a lot of toast and tea) The pots below have been my everyday companions for some time. 1 German made, 3 English and 2 from the U.S. of A.
Any guesses?


brandon phillips said...

teapot-john leach
mug-ray finch
sugar bowl-david leach

is it sad that i recognize english potters before any others?

doug Fitch said...

Hey Brandon, you beat me to it, that's impressive knowledge

Dan Finnegan said...

Well done, lads. No one was going to get the german salt glazed butter dish by Roland Gieferbahn.
I like the blog-quiz. Stay tuned for more!