12 July 2008

My Studio

Today was the first day I've been to my studio in more than a week. So it figures that it was hot (91F) and steamy. Once I got acclimated to non-stop sweat, I had a good day and got a lot done. I built a new studio last fall after a long legal battle with the county and I've got two more loose ends to finish before I think about making pots.

Michael Littlefield and I built the frame, Jason Gallant's crew gave me a roof and I put up all the siding.

I built the kiln shed years ago with Michael. My 'winter studio' is on the right..


klineola said...

Dan, That studio looks beautiful and beautifully built. I also like the outdoor work space. I am looking forward to some outdoor pottery making next week. Cheers.

Dan Finnegan said...

Thanks, Michael. I do like building things, but I also hope that this is my last studio! (I've built more than I would like to admit!)I eventually plan to build a gas/fired salt kiln under one of the shed roofs, but in the meantime, like you, I'll be throwing pots 'plen aire' this summer.Dan