17 July 2008

Frejus, France

It's not unusual that LibertyTown disrupts my plans for making pots. Today was just another example. The A/C in the gallery was spewing water and had to be dealt with. A few other chores and it was time for the Sister City reception.
Each summer a group of 20 or so students and adults cross the sea to stay with local families. This year, Frejus has come to the U.S and we hosted a lovely gathering tonight that featured an exhibition of photos of home taken by the french kids. No 'freedom fries' here!
Our handbuilding table is often transformed for various occasions. I believe these are all french prints...and some nice treats.
Ever hopeful, I plan to make a pot tomorrow.

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Tal Landeau said...

Hi, Dan, I just found your blog this week and have been enjoying it. Thanks for sharing. The Frejus evening looked great!