09 July 2008

New Photos

Larry Stone took photos of some of the pots from my last firing (#4) way back in May. I'll post a few more soon. I'm firing everything in my wood burning kiln now and I'm still finding my way. I like the raised relief decoration on these first 2 a lot. I've been looking at a lot of old medieval german pots that are covered with medallions and stamps and banding. These are my very first attempts at adapting that old idea and finding a way to make it new. The little stamps are leaves and fish... there's so much metal in the slip that the detail is somewhat obscured.
I'm putting together some p.r. packets to send off to galleries. Now that I have a little momentum I need to find a few new markets to help sell some pots. I'm heading to Gary Roper's beautiful Washington Street Gallery in Lewisburg, West Virginia later this week. I like having my pots stand amongst so many other wonderful pots.
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Unknown said...

Dan,thanks for inviting me to your blog. I love this new work, and wish you well in your marketing and creative endeavors! I also loved learning about your little sculptures, too. They're also wonderful, a bit quirky, and fun. When you get to 100, are you going to have a special show? I wanna be there.

Take care!


klineola said...

I like these pots Dan. Thanks for deciding to blog. I'm really excited to see what you're up to.

Are you putting glass on those pots? cheers.