23 July 2008

Tornado Warning Tonight

I finished the second of my handbuilt pots today. This one is about 20" wide. I'll slip and glaze them later this week. I've been promising myself that I'd start throwing this week, but now I'm not sure. This has been fun. I might not decide until I get out to the studio tomorrow. Stay tuned.


klineola said...

At first I thought to myself. "What's Dan doing with those crayons?"

Ron said...

Hey Dan, Made my way over from MK's blog. I've known your work for a long time, esp. your salt glazed pots and I've enjoyed when you've written about going over to see your pal Toff. I can't remember where I saw that. Anyhow, the coiled pots are great. I'm a salt glazer who has turned to earthenware recently (keeping it cool!). I'm having fun. I'll be checking in again.

Dan Finnegan said...

Crayons are for children....they're colored pencils!