15 July 2008


On my way out to my studio today, I stopped by Riverby Books to see how the demolition/reconstruction was going. Riverby sells previously owned books and is run by my dear friends Emily and Paul. They had a shower of termites come down the front of the store and now Jason and his stellar crew are putting it back together. Actually, they've kept a lot of Fredericksburg together...and I don't just mean the buildings! Among many other things that make life here in the 'burg so sweet is the fortnightly poker game that Jason and his friends kindly let me join.
If you look closely at the first photo you will see Eric standing to attention in the missing window. He really wanted to make an appearance in my blog. Congratulations, Eric!
Across the street from the bookstore is one of the best names for a tattoo shop I know.
That's Jim at the computer inside Riverby. He tells me that he is the strongest man in the universe. Just ask him!
I'll write about Riverby another time. Baseball All-Star game about to begin.....

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