29 July 2008

Planters and Platters

A busy weekend kept me from the studio and when I returned today I'd lost interest in this coil-built planter. I was going to give it a big beefy rim, but this arched rim is just as satisfying to me and a lot quicker. It'll be cool with the right plants. I know lots of great gardeners and I like making pots for them. For a time I made quite a few handbuilt bonsai pots.

I finished trimming all the flatware I made last week and started slipping and glazing. These are all meant for the salt chamber. This is where I'm going back to Winchcombe ideas for decoration and it's a lot of fun. I'm making some for the wood chamber next.

1 comment:

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

That planter will be very cool with just about any plant I could imagine!