16 July 2008


I spent the day on the road driving to our state capitol for a meeting with staff members of the Virginia Commission for the Arts. I'm exploring the possibility of creating a non-profit to support LibertyTown and I've been talking to anyone who will listen at this point. I met Peggy Baggett and Cathy Wellborn a couple of years ago when we hosted one of the commission's two yearly meetings. They are wise and straight talking ladies.
I stopped in for a visit at the Richmond Museum, checking out the Faberge Egg collection, mostly. It's all so over the top! I was reminded that most (all) of their collection came from the Pratt family of Fredericksburg.
I didn't take my camera today, so here's another shot from the beach of my little sculptures. I'm still hoping to open a bag of clay tomorrow and begin the next cycle of potmaking.


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hey Dan - Your little sculptures look great all lined up at the beach. I must try some photos along that line here on the West Coast!... Hope your meeting went well with the Virginia Commission.

Dan Finnegan said...

Thanks Patricia, It seemed crazy to take my new camera to the beach, but I sure like the results. One day I'll post the results from a cross country trip I took years ago, photographing a bunch of dolls and figures in various and sundry national parks. The rim of the Grand Canyon was a particularly good one. But I didn't quite make it to the pacific, so you'll have to fill in the gap!