26 July 2008

Today's Quiz

Here are some bowls from my kitchen...4 from England and one from my own hands.
Today is bound to be a good one...pottery all day, poker tournament tonight!


Andrew Coombs said...

I think it might be cheating for me to answer the quiz.
Just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying the blog, keep it up.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

OK, I'll bite... Is it the one on the top left?

Dan Finnegan said...

Having once lived with those pots, Andrew, I would have had to disqualify you! I hope that your doing well...hows that thesis going?

Well done, Patricia! Multiple chunks of glass over an amber celedon over a crackle slip.

doug Fitch said...

Hmm, I'm guessing a Winchcombe Ray Finch? A Toff Milway? A Richard Champion? and definately a Clive Bowen, no mistaking that one!

By the way, don't know whether you know, Sid's wife Marie passed away about three months ago, she was ninety two or three I think. Sweet lady, bless her

doug Fitch said...

That bowl does look very ACS although it isn't, Clive has a mug like it, it isn't RC is it, can't think

Dan Finnegan said...

You sure know your pots,Doug.You're correct on Toff, Ray and Clive. I thought that the painted bowl would be a challenge. It was made by my friend Laurence McGowan. He worked with Allen Caiger Smith and has been making his own stoneware for years. His ideas about line and pattern and shape are beautiful.