12 July 2008

Washington Street Gallery

I got back late last night from a visit with Gary Roper and his family at his beautiful gallery in Lewisburg, WV. It was a great drive, crossing over the Blue Ridge Mountains into the Shenendoah Valley and then west through the old rolling mountains of Appalachia. I met Gary last year coming back from the NCECA conference in Louisville and was amazed at all the great potters whose work he carried and I was flattered that he asked me send him some work as well.
Having sold almost every pot I've ever made from my old shop here in the 'Burg, I'm still trying to get a grip on selling other places. It's thrilling to see my pots on a pedastal next to so many people whose work I admire.
We sold a mini-teapot to one his customers as it was being unwrapped. You gotta like that for positive feedback. They were excited to see my latest work, and that, in turn, has me a bit anxious to get back to the studio. So, that's where I'm heading now.

Thanks to Michael Kline's kind 'endorsement' of my blog, I'm getting acquainted with some new friends as well as hearing from lots of old ones. Keep writing.


John Tilton said...

Hi Dan,

I'm really enjoying your blog. Nice to see a picture of you after all these years. State College about 10 years ago, I believe.

Thanks also for the pictures of Gary's gallery. Very nice job he has done.


Dan Finnegan said...

Hi John! You're right about State College...the last show I did. I won't say never, though...making wood-fired pots requires a wider audience than my older work. it's always interesting, eh?