19 April 2009

Flying Disc Tournement

For more than 30 years friends of mine have organized a frisbee tournament here in Fredericksburg. It started when they all attended Mary Washington College here. 4 events are held over two days (golf, distance, maximum time aloft and freestyle) with an overall winner declared at the end as well as individual winners. I've been making trophies for most of those years. It is all sponsored by 'Laszlo's Weenie World', a loose consortium of good hearted people who work most of the year to provide delicious food (all vegetarian!) and entertainment and what we call 'goof factor' for a couple of hundred people. Competitors come from all over the US and, just like the pottery world, there are a lot of gray haired folks about! I got to visit for a couple of hours this afternoon and see the finals of the freestyle. It is a great scene.


Jen Mecca said...

You all look like your having a blast!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I'm glad the rain held off--looks like a great time!