26 April 2009

Weekend Update - third in a series.

We all love these 'wet slip' photos. The way it pools accentuates the faces in a way that cracks me up.

1 pound vases. These got handles and lugs and sprigs. I'll slip them tomorrow.

This is the strap that I pull before cutting it in two and applying to the sides of this big bread crock. I should have taken a side view to really see how it works, but this profile is always important to me.

This is a little sgraffito calligraphy. I'm drawn to the old pots that had place names or numbers that referred to gallons of capacity stamped or painted on them. I filled the lettering in with my cobalt slip.

I have been on a roll lately, getting to the studio almost every day. I like it...


klineola said...

I'd say you've been on a roll. But that's what you do best. I've seen it at Penland! Roll on.

Only thing is, I feel a little slack.


No, I mean, I'm inspired!!


Kyle Carpenter said...

the type is great. simply great.
i've done i little type on some pots and want to do more. this is inspiring!

Anonymous said...

love that wet slip

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

I love using text and numbering on pots. I usually stamp mine, but that scrafitto looks great! I like the oversized, type set look. And perhaps I am just being a bit daft, but what is a bread crock? Wouldn't that be a rather odd shape for a "loaf" of bread?