26 April 2009

This Weeks Nature Report

Earlier this week I wrote about the gypsy chickens that I discovered in the middle of the woods and the possible coyote sighting in the same area. I'm more and more convinced that it was a coyote....and the chickens are definitely gone. Coincidence?...I think not.
The weather has turned summer hot (90 degrees!!!) but up until a couple of days ago it has been a lovely spring and all god's creatures seem to be enjoying it. This is a bad photo taken with my little digital camera's zoom of two wild turkeys that sauntered through my field on Thursday afternoon. I haven't seen turkeys in a few years and they are known to be elusive, so this was a treat. They wandered and pecked their way across the field and then slowly made their way into the woods. I'm hoping that they'll come back.

Earlier the same day I drove through a field that must have had close to 30 American Black Vultures on the ground. They remind me of morticians in their somber black and gray. They certainly have a rather grave occupation.

Last year this hawk must have been love sick...he drove me a little crazy with his relentless and plaintive screeching. This year there is a pair nearby and I like to believe that he met his match. It is much quieter this year, anyway.

Driving out late last night 9 deer just stared at me while they enjoyed a snack in the fields. No fear at all...usually they would 'high tail it' out of there. And then there are the rabbits that eat the road!?!


Susan Wyatt said...

Hey Dan, nice pictures of the wildlife. We power washed the house in this heat today -- not fun.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love the pictures--great ones of the hawk!

Incognito said...

Rather enjoying your enjoyment of words and wordplay today. The first Hawk photo is just magestic! Those opportunities to catch the images of such wonderful beings are a real gift. Thanks for sharing with us.