18 April 2009

We Shove the Poles in the Holes

On yet another glorious spring day, Nicky and Michael drove down the hill and we planted three willow trees. We've talked about planting trees ever since I began building on this spot. Maybe 10 years...and except for a failed plum tree venture, this is momentus. A little triangle of willow. They don't show up too well here, but they are close to 10 feet tall and are a fast growing tree. Nicky enjoyed using pink material to tie them off. I need to replace the rainbarrels I lost to freezing this winter. Keeping them wet this summer will be critical.

I started making some 7lb. bottles and bread plates.

And here are the planters from earlier this week, glazed, slipped, handled and ready to go.

Once again, my title is plundered from a song. Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

dreamy bottles... have no idea on the title

Dan Finnegan said...

Thanks, Jim. I know that I'm pushing the limit when I quote 'DEVO' !