01 April 2009

Photo Questions

Now that I have some pots that I like I've turned my focus to photography. I have never felt that I got the results I wanted from the multitude of photographers I've hired over the years. So, with a bit of support from John Tilton and John Glick I've begun to undertake it myself.
The lights are 500w and are bounced off of a low ceiling. I have ordered a big piece of Formica to use as the backdrop. Until that comes everything is just cobbled together, but mostly achieves what I think I need. I want to make the little 'roof' that sits behind the pot adjustable.

Here are a few from last night's session. I'd be happy to here if anyone out there can give me some pointers.
The camera settings are:
size: 2.0 mb
shutter: 1/25
aperture: f 4.5
focal length: 40.00mm
iso speed 800


Craig Edwards said...

The look mighty fine to me!!

Hollis Engley said...

The photos look great, Dan. Only thing I might do slightly differently is use a graduated gray background, which you can get from Porter's Camera Store (poreterscamerastore.com). And I'd only do that because it's a bit more convenient than horsing around Formica. But it looks to me like you've got it pretty well figured out.

Hollis Engley said...

One other thing, now that I think about it. You might think about closing down the aperture to f8 or even down to f16, thereby increasing the depth of focus and allowing the belly of the pot (closest to the lens)to be in focus and the rim or neck (farthest from the lens) to also be in focus. It's easy enough to do, by simply increasing the amount of exposure. One click smaller on the f-stop ring and one click slower on the shutter speed. It does mean that the camera should be on a tripod, but I assume you're doing that already.

Anonymous said...

i'm in the same boat... gonna go at it today or tomorrow but i have to say if i got photos like you have posted, i'd be satisfied

Incognito said...

Excitedly looking forward to seeing some of your new pots tonight at the "Feast" opening; should be a great night!!!!

Sl8ofHand said...

Nice jugs!

Sl8ofHand said...

I agree with Hollis on the f-stop as well.