14 April 2009

Planter Day

I have always loved making pots for plants....I've never been a big gardener myself, but I have always known passionate gardeners and they do wonderful things with pots and plants. Aline is my current collaborator. I find making planters quite liberating...I'm usually using more clay than normal and I know I'm going to add all kinds of handles and the form and shape are less proscribed in my mind than pots for food might be.
Sometimes the bottom of the kiln is cooler than the rest and putting pots there that have less invested in them is often my strategy. Planters fit that bill. This last firing the planters were beautiful and I've already sold a bunch. Good pots always sell first.

This next one is a 15 pounder. It will go in the back bottom of the salt chamber eventually.

I'm also watching these 'Emily' storage jars. They have a ginger jar type lid and it is still a new idea for me. I usually find a way to alter or add a handle or two to any pot that I make, but these seem to insist on austerity and I'm happy to oblige. There are also some trophy mugs for Laszlo's Weenie World.

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Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hi Dan! The planters look great. Do you put a hole in the bottom for drainage?