25 April 2009

Tools Of the Trade

Michael recently wrote about standing at the wheel vs. sitting when throwing a pot. My own wheel is set up half way between the two. My measurements are based on the English wheels that I got to know. They are a much more substantial machine than most of our wheels here in the U.S. The seat is high enough that my legs are completely extended and I'm almost standing...but not. It is easy to step away and get a better look at the profile of a pot. I also like plenty of padding on the seat!

Like all potters, I've accumulated loads of tools over the years, but most of the pots I throw are made with these four basic tools. A scrap of sponge. A needle tool. A butter knife with the edge ground down. And a stainless steel, kidney shaped rib with one end cut square. Everything else is an extravagance.

I weigh all the clay out before I begin. Most of my scales I've used are these old, fairly inaccurate scales that are easy to find in thrift stores. This one is red...one of my favorites

Some three pound lumps ready to go.

A gratuitous photo of the pocket door in my winter studio.


klineola said...

I love seeing all the modifications you've made. I want to show my tools! Maybe this week. I'm sucha kopykat. Love that pocket door!

klineola said...

Obviously we didn't make it down to see you last week. I'm sorry. I think I need to make an overnight trip up myself sometime.

Anonymous said...

man i like that knife... looks like a throwing dagger

Incognito said...

I have one of those knives made for me by a friend (possibly the same one, Dan?), and I love it.